Founded: 04/16/1993

Address: Fasangartenstr. 93

City: Munich

Zip/Postcode: 81549

Country: Germany

Contact person: Yanlan Xu

Phone: +49 176 84 13 29 73

Suzhou Tianma Pharma Group

Technology interest:

Biopharma, Peptide, Antibodies, Nano Technology, Gene Technology etc….

History: Past investments (company names (examples)):

Our Company has almost 10 years investment history. In the past, we have invested in about a dozen of funds as well invested in several projects directly. Our star investments are :(1) angel investment to MOMO INC(Nasdaq), (2) VC investment to INKE LTD (Hongkong ) and CooTek (Nasdaq) etc. One of the example of direct investment is Suzhou Tian Wei Peptide Biopharmaceutical Technology Ltd which is dedicated to find a solution to use nano technology in diabetes medicine. We have co-founded this company with a Chinese professor from Ohio State University who is also a guest professor in Peking now and an expert in Nano technology.


1. Strategic investment : we invest in the project and cooperate with the team who runs the project and help the team to grow with our expertise and resources in pharmaceutical field. And later on if necessary we also would like to help the project to locate in China.
2. Pure financial investment