Smart baseboards – A unique sensor strip to detect and analyze activities in nursing home rooms while respecting the privacy.


  • Founded:* 2016
  • Address:* Dennewartstraße 25-27
  • Zip/Postcode:* 52068
  • City:* Aachen
  • Country:* Germany
  • Mail:*
  • Phone:* +49 241 9278840 23
  • Contact person for business:* Christian Kind
  • Contact person for science:* Stelios Katsanevakis

Company summary

Nursing homes are under huge pressure: the lack of nurses, cost pressure and the growing number of residents with dementia are just a few examples. At nevisQ, we support nursing homes with intelligent room technologies – without compromising on privacy. Our solution nevisCura makes the lives of nursing home residents safer and nursing work more efficient, thereby improving the quality of care. Critical situations such as falls, getting up from bed and leaving the room or facility are automatically detected and nurses notified. This is especially useful at night when there are only a few nurses working in the facility. Activity analysis helps nurses to provide a more targeted care, for example, by detecting a high number of daily visits to the toilet, heavy nighttime activity, or change in the gait. By linking this information with data from other sensors and nursing documentation, care can be further enhanced to prevent critical situations and disease. nevisCura is based on our unique sensor band. This is similar to a LED strip and is mounted a few centimeters above the ground at the height of the baseboards around in the room. The sensor system generates a 2-dimensional image of the room and detects movements in the room. For example, it can tell whether a person is walking through a room, a person has fallen, or a jacket has been put on the floor. The system remains extremely discreet and works independently, that is: no cameras, no microphones, no emergency call button and no wearables! The system can be installed in the room within only 30 minutes; attach the sensor band, connect the base station, initialize the system once, done! The sensor band can also be mounted as a one meter long sensor meter under the bed or at doors to detect simple activities such as leaving the bed or the room.

Technology field

IoT, data analytics, artificial intelligence

Technology and USP

The system is based on our unique sensor band, similar to an LED strip that discretely analyzes motion in a room. For the sensor band we use active infrared LEDs and sensors. The strip is attached a few inches above the floor to the wall, approximately at the level of or integrated into baseboards. Intelligent software analyzes the interruptions of infrared connections by persons or objects in the room, so that it recognizes and classifies movement patterns. The data processing takes place in a small base station, which is located in each room. For easy monitoring of the bed or outlets, we offer the sensor meter. This is a one-meter sensor tape variant that can detect simple activities such as leaving the bed or room, but no complex activities such as falls. The sensor meter can be flexibly changed between rooms. The residents do not have to carry any objects or become active themselves, at the same time the technology also respects the privacy, because in contrast to cameras or 3D sensors no sensitive data is collected. This makes it superior to other products in use today, as their intended devices are often not supported in practice, the underlying technology interferes strongly with the privacy, the system does not have sufficient accuracy, a very high level of installation and maintenance or is very expensive. The software is being expanded step by step with new functions and is open to the connection to third party products. Our vision: Intelligent room technologies for everyone – without compromising on privacy.

Development until now

We started the development at the end of 2015. In 2016 we received the Exist Founders’ Grant by German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. In 2017, business angels Bülow & Consorten invested into nevisQ. We also received the Headstart grant from EIT Health. From the European Commission we received the Seal of Excellence as high-quality project which is recommended to be funded by investors. Since 2018 we have our first pilot customers, until today we have realized around 70 installations with 12 customers in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

Capital requirements:

We are looking for 700,000 € to bring the sensor meter officially to market. In 2020 we want to raise another 1,000,000 € to bring the sensor system to market. We want to collect this amount of money with the help of investors, public funding, crowd lending and debt.


Christian Kind

Managing Director of Business Development & Finance; M. Sc. Mathematics (Stochastics and Optimization), M. Sc. Economics (Entrepreneurship and Management) at RWTH Aachen; Several years of experience in business development and management control in B2B companies; Several years of experience in product management and general management in other projects; Experience in courier service in the care sector

David Link

Managing Director of Innovation & Production; M. Sc. Industrial Engineering (Energy and Innovation Management) at RWTH Aachen; Several years of experience in smart home and software development; Civilian service in a hospital; Co-founder of Solarheap Inc.

Dennis Breuer

Managing Director of Business Development & Finance; B. Sc. Business Administration (Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Marketing) at RWTH Aachen; Several years of experience as markting manager in B2B companies; Co-founder of PicoEgo & Shanghai-Shirts; Experience as consultant in several projects; Civilian service in a hospital (emergency room & intensive care unit)

Stelios Katsanevakis

Managing Director of Technological R&D; B. Sc. Electrical Engineering (Information and Communication Technology) at RWTH Aachen; Several years of experience in hardware, software, frontend and backend development for communication technologies at iNETS RWTH as well as for companies and through own projects; Co-founder of Solarheap Inc.