mk2 Biotechnologies

mk2 Biotechnologies produces peptides for mass applications.


  • Founded: 2020
  • Address: Weihenstephaner Berg 3
  • Zip/Postcode: 85354
  • City: Freising
  • Country: Germany
  • Phone: +4917660017903
  • Contact person for business: Dr. Sebastian Mangold
  • Contact person for science: Dr. Marco Giuman

Company summary

We develop peptides on behalf of the customers and to provide those peptides in larger volumes at market relevant prices.
We will establish ourselves as a leading provider of biotechnological solutions for cosmetics, medicine and agriculture.

Technology field

Peptides, which are short amino acid chains, have extraordinary properties and modes of action. This substance class has been very promising since highly attractive applications in the areas of therapeutics (Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease), personal care (anti-aging products), food & beverages (flavors) and animal breeding (antibiotics substitutes) have been discovered. However, the established production methods on the market are so costly that prices of >1000 EUR per milligram are common. Due to those enormously high prices, despite their often outstanding properties and the interest of the industry, peptides have so far not been applicable in products on the mass market.

Technology and USP

We have developed and patented a process that allows the scalable and thus cost-efficient production of high-purity peptides for arbitrary applications. Therefore, we provide the yet missing tool for the application of peptides in mass markets. Specifically, our method is a recombinant protein expression in E.Coli bacteria followed by purification via affinity to starch. This innovative and, for the first time, consistently scalable process completely eliminates the previous bottleneck and main cost factor of established synthesis methods (HPLC purification) from the process. This makes mk2 Biotechnologies the first supplier of peptides that can combine customers’ quality requirements with the cost targets for mass market applications. The technology was co-developed by the founding team at the TU München and successfully validated on a lab scale.

Development until now

The founding team consists of three economically and scientifically experienced members with a broad, interdisciplinary background (chemistry, physics, business administration, in each case studies and PhD at the TU München). In addition to the technical expertise, the team is considerably experienced in technology transfer, project management, process optimization and quality management.
The mk2 Biotechnologies team has been working on the further development of the original paper-only innovation as well as the recycling concept since 2017 in order to achieve the transfer of the technology and to commercialize it. Since then, funding in the amount of A total of approximately EUR 1.1 million was acquired (including EXIST research transfer), with which both the technology and the business development were developed and matured to the extent that the market entry and first sales are planned for Q3 / 2020.

Capital requirements:

mk2 Biotechnologies has been fully funded by grants (approx. 1.1 m EUR) since the project start in 2016. In Q2/2020, 5 m EUR provided by investors (series A) will allow the further growth of business for the following 3 years. The additional capital will be spent for the team expansion (10 technical and 3 non-technical employees) and further infrastructure (rental of labs and purchase of lab equipment). The break-even can be achieved at the end of 2022. At the same time, the transfer of production from glass (lab) to steel (industrial scale) is being promoted. After the successful placement on the market (proof of market), further funds must be raised in order to be able to scale the business model. This second round of financing (series B) in 2023, serves as a first exit option for series A investors. In addition, a complete takeover by a large corporation or a private equity fund is likely in the future.


Sebastian Mangold

Dr. Sebastian Mangold is an economist and completed his PhD at BMW in the research field of strategy organization He is experienced in financing of SMEs as well as leading statics and methodology based process and quality optimization projects.