Ningaloo Biosystems GmbH

mk2 Biotechnologies produces peptides for mass applications.


  • Founded: April 17, 2020
  • Address: Suelzburgstrasse 158a
  • Zip/Postcode: 50937
  • City: Cologne
  • Country: Germany
  • Phone: +491737278789
  • Contact person for business: Dr. Herbert Mueller-Hartmann
  • Contact person for science: Dr. Hanns-Martin Schmidt

Company summary

We want to equip pharmaceutical producers with proprietary devices, consumables and intermediate goods like photoswitches and production cell lines to unleash new possibilities in bioprocess control. Ningaloo Biosystems GmbH was established by Dr Hanns-Martin Schmidt and Dr Herbert Mueller-Hartmann in April 2020. In alliance with Prof Dr Stefan Bergfeld serving as a close consultant, the team has long-standing experience in molecular biology, physics and engineering, combined with strategy, innovation and technology management, device development, start-up, marketing communications and building organizational structures.

Technology field

Our systems will support workflows in optogenetics, a new technology to control proteins inside living cells with light. This requires combining optoelectronics technologies with molecular biology and cell culture technology. Apart from few simple devices, most of them based on do-it-yourself instructions, no irradiation solutions for standard cell culture formats are available. Our unique systems (devices, software, consumables, potentially new photoswitches and cell lines) allow for reproducible and scalable application of optogenetic technology in lab-scale cell culture to industrial bioreactor formats for the first time.

Technology and USP

Numerous biopharmaceuticals that are currently in development and have the potential to cure life-threatening diseases run the risk of being non-producible at industrial scale, for technical and economic reasons. Our plug-and-play products will provide contact-free and digitalized multi-channel interfaces to control bioproduction processes in real-time. Making the technology ready for industrial applications has the potential to unleash the full potential of integrated bioprocess control, and thus to enable the economical production of complex biologics, such as immune-therapeutics, cell and gene therapeutics and vaccines. Important USPs will be the new possibilities in research, the production of complex drugs with unprecedented yields, increased process safety, process scalability, and full integration into future digital bioproduction environments.

Development until now

Two prototypes for the first generation of lab-scale devices have been built and are currently under testing. First patent applications regarding critical aspects of instrumentation and scalability as well as joint projects with technology experts and industrial stakeholders are in preparation.

Capital requirements:

In the first two years of business we will focus on expanding our IP, building partnerships and initiating joint projects with technical experts and pharmaceutical bioproduction experts, and developing our first generation of products. For this seed phase, concluded by entering the market in year three, we have calculated a capital need of 1.6 Mio. EUR. We are seeking dedicated, long-term investors to support us on this thrilling journey.


Herbert Mueller-Hartmann

Life science management and strategy professional with 19 years of experience, from startup to large enterprise environments; background in research and development in the bioprocessing and biotechnology industry

Stefan Bergfeld

Professor of physics; specialized in photonics, optoelectronics and laser technology; business angel, entrepreneur; “From-Lab-to-Fab” expert

Hanns-Martin Schmidt

Molecular biologist and life science generalist with 20+ years of experience in research & development, protein analytics, quality control, startup & entrepreneurship in biotechnology industry; filmmaker & digital media producer