Life science startup PROSION has found an innovative way to form potential drugs against a variety of hard-to-treat diseases from modular building blocks – addressing targets that are so far considered as undruggable.


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  • City: Cologne
  • Country: DE
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  • Phone: +4915730338800
  • Contact person for business: Mutlu Yönel
  • Contact person for science: Slim Chiha

Company summary

PROSION established a toolkit of Proline-derived modules (ProMs), which can be combined into effective drugs for the above mentioned undruggable targets – finally making them druggable.

Technology field

Pharmaceutical & drug discovery start-up | Healthcare | Life Scienc

Technology and USP

PROSION established a toolkit of new and patented pharmaceutical building blocks, which can be effectively assembled into potential drugs for disease-related, undruggable targets – finally making them druggable. The innovative building blocks (ProMs) represent the world’s first peptidomimetics of the PPII-helix and were used in an initial proof-of-concept, to successfully address a particularly difficult target, that plays a key role in cancer metastasis – yet considered as undruggable.

Development until now

An A-team, consisting of scientists and entrepreneurs, with the support of highly experienced executive leaders, aims to exploit the value & potential of ProM building blocks through the following two streams:

– Stream I: The commercialization of the ProM toolkit for pharmaceutical companies and academia, enabling them to pursue independent research on (undruggable) targets.
– Stream II: The development of ProM-based lead compounds either for drug discovery or biomedical research in collaboration with key partners (corporates or academia).

Capital requirements:

PROSION ’s financial year 2020 is funded by two public grants for innovation. A €1.1 million funding will be required as of 2021 – mainly to finance the on-going oncological drug discovery projects.


Slim Chiha

– Slim is responsible for scientific development and strategic management.
– PhD in Cologne (Organic Chemistry) and training at Bayer HealthCare AG.
– Experience in organic synthesis (ProM-scaffolds), drug discovery and lead optimization (ENA/VASP Inhibitors).