Innocent Meat

scalable “cultured meat” production – a licence to change –

Founded: 29.04.2020

  • Address: Landgut 9
  • Zip/Postcode:18059
  • City: Papendorf, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Country: DE
  • Mail:
  • Phone: 
  • Contact person for business: Laura Gertenbach
  • Contact person for science: Patrick Nonnenmacher

Company summary

Innocent Meat is a young company determined to establish a holistic, scalable process for “cultured meat” production. The final technology will be licenced to meat producing companies and innocent meat serves as tech & knowledge platform and provider.

Technology field

Life Science, Food Industry, Biotechnology

Technology and USP

Holistic Process for “cultured meat” production including:
– cell lines and their directed development into cultured meat
– scalable bioreactor system
– cost-effective and scalable scafold system
– media recycling device for cost reduction
– cost-effective FBS-free culture media
– automated holistic process control
– licencing business model

Development until now

– Funding
– In depth R&D analysis and project planning
– creation of extraordinary partner-network-system to accelerate projects
– market analysis
– busines modeling
– creation of ordering lists & vendors

Capital requirements:

3 500 000 € in total
– 1 000 000 € are already raised by VC if the rest of the capital requirements can be accomplished.


Laura Gertenbach

– Studies in business informatics (diploma) & business administration (B. A.)
– grown up in agricultural business
– experience in livestock and meat processing
– marketing in online marketing & IT-projects
– 8 years of experience abroad
– succesful funding experience