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Melbourne, United States of America

Alertgy has developed a wearable noninvasive continous blood glucose monitor and alert system that measures more than just glucose for diabetics.

OZEN LifeScience GmbH

Monheim am Rhein, Germany

Transferring knowledge from cutting-edge research, we will be launching immune system strengthening nutritional supplements (first-in-class synbiotics) and distribute them globally as a life-style product.

Implandata Ophthalmic Products

Hannover, Germany

Implandata is improving the life of millions of glaucoma patients by introducing digitally enabled remote disease care.

TargetGene Biotechnologies LTD

Rehovot, Israel

TargetGene is developing radically safer cell-therapies for Immune-disorders and Cancer using it’s ultra-precise gene-editing platform


Cologne, Germany

ONEBRUSH is the first personal trainer for your teeth. ONEBRUSH combines all variables of good oral care and upgrates your brushing routine.

Celtic Medical BV

Amsterdam, Nederland

With CELTIC it is our goal to fundamentally change colorectal cancer screening, in order to ensure that in the future far less people will get colorectal cancer and far more will be cured.

SnoreFree® Health App

Vienna, Austria

We have released a health app to improve sleep quality and cure snoring naturally, with simple oral logopedic exercises and without the need of a painful surgery and expensive or uncomfortable devices.


Muttenz, Switzerland

PHYTONIC AG ( is a Swiss pharma company in formation. With a disruptive, data-driven production concept that combines cultivation of medicinal cannabis and state of the art technology with Swiss pharmaceutical quality standards, PHYTONIC aims to become the leading European manufacturer of medicinal products based on the cannabis plant.


Braga, Portugal

BestHealth4U is an innovative company, specialized in developing new and advanced material solutions for skin-interacting medical devices.

Innocent Meat

Papendorf, Germany

scalable “cultured meat” production – a licence to change –


Cologne, Germany

Life science startup PROSION has found an innovative way to form potential drugs against a variety of hard-to-treat diseases from modular building blocks – addressing targets that are so far considered as undruggable.

Corvay Bioproducts GmbH

Leuna, Germany

Leading Technology for Specialty Polymers Building Blocks – Carbon Footprint Neutral

attyloid GmbH

Düsseldorf, Germany

attyloid offers an ultra-sensitive quantitative technology platform with value-adding potential as biomarker of CNS diseases and drug effect assaying, development and QC of biologicals, and counting of viral particles.


Cambridge, GB

We are developing a market-disruptive technology for cosmetic and therapeutic skin exfoliation/resurfacing by reverse engineering natural processes at a molecular level.

Ningaloo Biosystems GmbH

Cologne, Germany

mk2 Biotechnologies produces peptides for mass applications.

mk2 Biotechnologies

Freising, Germany

We develop peptides on behalf of the customers and to provide those peptides in larger volumes at market relevant prices.

PerAGraft GmbH

Aachen, North Rhine- Westphalia, Germany

PerAGraft is dedicated to designing and producing patient individualised implants for cardiovascular applications in a fraction of time.


Barcelona, Spanien

MOWOOT is a non´pharmacological, non-invasive and no-side-effects solution to chronic constipation.

SenseUP GmbH

Jülich, Germany

Biotechnology / Microbial strain development, Evolution-based microbial strain development in Ultra-High-Throughput, Team of 10, funded by Helmholtz-Enterprise/GO-Bio until mid-2017