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Elmira Industrial Supplies UG

Berlin, Germany

We have a patented technology for the synthesis of bio-aromatics from agricultural waste. Our goal is to replace phenolic bases for adhesives, coatings, surfactants, foams and more, for applications.

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CMR CureDiab Metabolic Research GmbH

Düsseldorf, Germany

The key goal of CureDiab is the development of novel GABA-A receptor modulators as a first-in-class therapy of fatty liver disease.

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Cannaflos - Gesellschaft für medizinisches Cannabis mbH

Cologne, Germany

The unique platform that combines Healthcare technologies with Orphan Disease treatments based on Cannabinoids.

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ScobyTec GmbH

Halle, Germany

ScobyTec’s platform technology is the solution for the future need for new materials like leather replacement, technical papers and lightweight construction materials, made with biofabrication and in a sustainable process throughout the entire production line.

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cAHRmeleon Bioscience GmbH

Heidelberg, Germany

Companion Diagnostics for multiple cancer immunotherapies based on the immune checkpoint AHR using our proprietary Signature Technology

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