Startup Gallery

Mane Biotech
Cologne, Germany

We are unlocking the natural regeneration potential of the body to tackle different health issues, starting with the development of a unique solution to combat hair loss.

Greifswald, Germany

COLDPLASMATECH makes Star Trek technology a reality. PlasmaPatches and the PlasmaCube are at the cutting edge of the emerging field of plasma medicine. Cold plasma (the fourth state of matter) may become the next standard in wound therapy, as it eliminate

SenseUP GmbH

Jülich, Germany

Biotechnology / Microbial strain development, Evolution-based microbial strain development in Ultra-High-Throughput, Team of 10, funded by Helmholtz-Enterprise/GO-Bio until mid-2017

Düsseldorf, Germany

We produce peptides at groundbreaking prices
with our innovative bio-processes.